We believe that effective training must be relevant to the needs and experience of the participants and that good training must be interesting, enjoyable, challenging and practical. Our goal with each course is to facilitate the learning of participants by using skillful training methods and well-designed materials, among other techniques.

Training Methods

  1. Our training programs incorporate a variety of effective training methodologies:-
  2. An important element of our quality training is the course design. The content is carefully planned to have a logical development of learning concepts with each topic building upon previous ones.
  3. Our courses include hands-on exercises to allow participants to practice what they learn in class and to understand the practical use of the lesson being taught. IAT centers provide support for those who may not be satisfied at the end of the course, by allowing such participants to resit for the courses. This is subject to availability of space in the classroom.
  4. IAT Campus has gone a notch higher on its teaching methodology. Its methodology Teaching for Understanding (TFU) makes learning more interactive, enriching and fun. It's an educational pedagogy developed by the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  5. It was developed to address the rising concern of the apparent inability of many students to apply school knowledge and skills to real-life problems in workplace settings.
  6. The methodology ensures that what students have learnt is not left in the examination room but rather has become part of their life experiences and can be applied in different environments flexibly.

A Helping Hand

Our instructors and lectures are available for out of class one-on-one assistance to ensure that no student gets left behind. There is no extra charge for this assistance - it is part of our commitment to your success.

We Care About What You Think

IAT asks you, the customer, to fill out an anonymous questionnaire to let us know how we performed against what you expected. Our Quality Manager then uses this information to constantly improve on how we serve you.

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