Ufunguo initiative is a Corporate Social Responsibility of IAT. It seeks to give back to the community particularly less fortunate young Kenyans through awarding of scholarships. After the launch of free primary and secondary education, there are huge statistics of high school leavers who cannot afford admission in tertiary institutions especially if they have not qualified for the government-sponsored programs. Thus, the IAT scholarship program dubbed UFUNGUO, seeks to address this situation through awarding of sponsored programs to help the less fortunate access professional skills. The goal is to alleviate the living standards for the vulnerable but capable group of youths in the society. To date IAT through the Ufunguo initiative has awarded scholarships to over 30,000 beneficiaries, thereby giving them hope and a way to fend for themselves and their Families. Our goal is to positively impact by awarding scholarships to 100,000 young Kenyans by 2030.

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Linda Odour-Diploma in ICT Management, 2015-16

I had been trying to save for my school fees so that I can achieve my education goal, but I could not manage since my parents had passed on and my relatives were unable to bear the burden of paying for my fees. So a friend of mine was lucky to get the Ufunguo scholarship, so she told me to try applying for it. So I visited the school where I got a very friendly receptionist who further explained to me how I should apply. Fortunately, I was granted the scholarship.

For me, Ufunguo scholarship was a prayer answered since I had so much strived to complete even a certificate course, I had been accepted as a parallel student at Nairobi University but the fees proved difficult for me to pay after the demise of my mother who was a single mother. So I deferred for two years hoping that I would manage to get the school fees, but it proved difficult to raise the high fees. So I saved some money and with Ufunguo I have been able to achieve a great mile in my education, at least it has given me a platform to be able to achieve other goals. It has opened another door of opportunities for me. I have gotten an access to organizations I never thought I would have, which has given me more experience in the ICT field I am also able to do business with the knowledge I have gained.

IAT has been of great impact in my career life not only in the courses offered but the entire school and its staff I am now knowledgeable in programming languages, networking, computer systems, and generally how the organizations work and how to relate with others in an organization

Studying at IAT was really wonderful owing it to the experienced and knowledgeable teachers we had, the friendly staff from the security guards to the librarians and the receptionists and the knowledgeable and supportive manager, understanding faculty trainers, it was just a wonderful big family.

I can recommend Ufunguo scholarship to a friend because the percentage offered is reasonable and can help you achieve your education goals. And the criteria used to select the candidates is full of integrity and is need-based, at least you get an honest feedback from them it is need-based. And IAT as a school is one institution you would like to study at, ranging from the world-class knowledge you will gain which is tailored to meet the current market needs, their affiliation with world-class organizations like Microsoft, Cisco, Pearson, Ufunguo scholarships and other Universities and organizations that provide the best knowledge for every business and ICT needs.

I just want to express my gratitude to IAT as an organization and its entire staff for their time, dedication, knowledge, love, care, follows up, support during my study time at IAT and financial aid they granted to me. My life has changed in a very drastic way but in a positive way, may you continue to help more people in the society and help more dreams come true.

I had tried to apply for the CDF funds to no avail, the MCAs school fund didn’t go through, relatives couldn’t help and HELB loan at the time was not available for parallel and diploma students. So when I heard about the Ufunguo scholarships I had not given up on my education goals, so I tried once again and I succeeded this time.

Linda Oduor

Course Studied: Diploma in ICT Management.

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