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The International Computer Driving Licence (ICDL) is an international qualification which enables people to demonstrate their competence in use of computer applications.                      

The ICDL is the most widely recognised computer qualification in the world. More than 3 million people in over 100 countries have acquired the qualification. To date over 25,000 IAT students have attained ICDL certification. No other training institution in Africa comes close!

COURSE COVERAGE                                                          

  • Computer Essentials                    
  • Online Essentials              
  • Word Processing    
  • Spreadsheets      
  • Presentations                           
  • Using Databases            
  • Online Collaboration

DURATION: 130 Hours


Participants successful in all seven (7) ICDL examinations will be awarded the International Computer Driving License certificate from the ICDL Foundation.

To help you fully prepare for the ICDL certification, our courses include Demos that reinforces the information learned and familiarize you with the type of questions that you will have to answer in your exams.



This Instructor-led course will enable you to become a ‘power user’/perform advanced actions in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access. These modules are aimed at the user who needs to demonstrate an in depth knowledge of these applications in the course of their job role. Prior to taking an ICDL Advanced module, it is recommended that you will already have successfully completed the respective ICDL modules in ICDL 1 & 2.

Advanced Microsoft Word

This module requires the candidate to use the word processing application to produce advanced document outputs.

Advanced Microsoft PowerPoint

This module requires the candidate to understand presentation planning and design considerations and use the presentation application to produce advanced presentation outputs.

Advanced Microsoft Access

This module requires the candidate to understand key database concepts and use a relational database application to create an advanced database structure and outputs.

Advanced Microsoft Excel

This module requires the candidate to use the spreadsheet application to produce advanced spreadsheet outputs.


International Computer Driving License (ICDL) 1 & 2

DURATION:   45 Days/9 Weeks – 2 Hours per Session