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Desktop publishing equips students with skills to manipulate photographs and other images, create design layouts, and use a variety of desktop publishing programs. You will know how to

  • Designing Print communications such as brochures, fliers, ads, and posters
  • Designing print communications such as catalogs, directories, and annual reports
  • Designing logos, business cards, and letterhead
  • Designing and publishing newsletter magazines, and newspapers
  • Designing books and booklets
  • Converting print communications to formats for the web and smart devices such as tablets and phones
  • Creating resumes and business forms including invoices, inventory sheets, memos, and labels
  • Self-publishing books, newsletters, and e-books
  • Designing and publishing blogs and websites
  • Designing slides shows, presentations, and handouts
  • Creating and printing greeting cards, banners, postcards, candy wrappers, and iron-on transfers
  • Making digital scrapbooks and print or digital photo albums
  • Creating decorative labels, envelopes, trading cards, calendars, and charts
  • Designing packaging for retail merchandise from wrappers for bars of soap to software boxes
  • Designing store signs, highway signs, and billboards
  • Taking work designed by others and putting into the correct format for digital or offset printing or for publishing online
  • Creating more attractive, readable reports, posters, and print or on-screen presentations for school or business