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Our Certificates and College Status

  • Are our certificates recognized by other institutions?
  • Why do you not offer KNEC exams yet you are certified?
  • Are we registered by the ministry of higher education.?
  • Are IAT certificate recognized?
  • Are all your courses accredited?
  • Can one join any public university after completing the diploma course?
  • Can I get Exemptions in other institutions when I present my Diploma course transcripts?
  • Are your courses recognised both in kenya and outside
  • Are your courses certified?
  • Why are your prices higher than other colleges we know
  • How do your certificates fare in the job market
  • After taking these courses, what career opportunities are there

Our Testing Center and Examining Bodies

  • Are all exams online
  • Which is the examining body for IAT Diplomas?
  • Do you Proctor paper based exams? What are the charges?
  • Our Testing Center's Directions (where are the tests written?)
  • Do you Administer TOEFL Internet based exams?
  • Our Testing Center's Directions (where are the tests written?)
  • What can I do if I feel my test results are unjust?
  • How long are my test results valid?(NON-ICDL)
  • If I don't pass, can I rewrite the test?and how much?
  • Can I register exam online?(non-ICDL)
  • What do I do if I’m sick (or incase of emergency) on the day of the test?
  • When will I receive confirmation of my test date?
  • Does I.A.T offer ABE & ICM examination?
  • Are the I.A.T Diplomas recognized?
  • Do you offer K.N.E.C based exams?
  • How long will my Diploma certificate take before getting issued with it?
  • Do you have Accounting (C.P.A) classes?
  • Do you offer KASNEB exams?
  • What is EdExcel, is it really recognized in Kenya?
  • Does IAT offer KNEC Exam?
  • Can one only do the ICDL exams without attending the classes?