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  • Which is the best computer course?
  • How will ICDL help me?
  • Do you have normal packages
  • Why should I take my ICDL in IAT and not elsewhere
  • Exam Charges for External Candidates (ICDL)
  • What is ICDL?
  • How long does one take to complete ICDL?
  • Why is the pass mark so high
  • Does IAT offer Advanced ICDL?
  • Why do not you have a variety of class timings for ICDL?
  • ICDL are just computer packages so why should your ICDL be this expensive?
  • The examination resit fee for ICDL is too high.
  • Why does IAT ICDL fees higher compared to other colleges?
  • Do I have to do the exams (ICDL)?
  • I have not yet received my KCSE results, can I start my ICDL?
  • Will my ICDL international certificate show the course coverages?
  • Are the EXAMS online or written?
  • Can one only do the ICDL exams without attending the classes?
  • How much do you charge to replace a certificate?
  • Will I be having my own computer in class?
  • Can one obtain an International ICDL certificate when they have failed a module?
  • Can one obtain an internal ICDL attendance certificate?
  • How long does the ICDL certificate take to be processed /shipped?
  • Exam time and duration (ICDL and non-ICDL)


  • Why is the pass mark for EBCL so high compared to the other diploma modules?
  • Is EBCL really relevant?
  • How comes the EBCL course outline is different from Introduction to Business Accounting,Business Accounting & Business Law?
  • Is it Compulsory to complete ICDL and EBCL in order to graduate?